Changing of the Seasons

Another exciting season of change and community building! 

It has been an active summer for Living Roots as our influence and potential to support and empower the unique region San Javier continues to grow.

The Sierra la Giganta is beginning to glow green after a strong downpour left by Tropical Storm Octave earlier this week.  The rain, always welcomed in the sierra, will help keep the arroyos running and wells full for months to come.

In San Javier and the ranches, families are already busy making fruit dulces or preserves in preparation for their festival in early December, and are readying the ground for planting season.

Living Roots Welcomes Azucena Higuera to the Team!


Azucena Higuera

San Javier residents and Living Roots are excited to welcome Azucena Higuera as the San Javier Field Coordinator this tourist season.  Azucena is originally from the sierra community Las Animas. Located a couple hours north of La Paz, Las Animas is well known for their artisanal knives.  Since graduating from UABCS La Paz with a degree in History, she has been working on community development, environmental conservation and local tourism projects with Niparaja and RED Turismo Sustentable in both Las Animas and San Javier.  We are thrilled to have her on the Living Roots team.

Young Documentarians Exhibit Their Work

Young Documentarians

Young Documentarians

This month, Living Roots and the secondary students from San Javier will present the “Jovenes Documentalistas” photography exhibit in coordination with the celebrations surrounding the founding of Loreto.  This presentation, lead by Hugo Sanchez, Living Roots Youth Coordinator, is the culmination of a year long project in which students learned documentary skills in order to capture the essence and stories of the landscape, culture and history of their backyard.   The exposition will be held Sunday, Oct. 27 at 6 pm in the Mission Museum Patio in Loreto – we look forward to seeing all of our Loreto area supporters there!   From Loreto, the exhibit will then travel south to Ciudad Constitution and La Paz.

Interviews with Rancheros Contribute to PhD Research and Living Roots Evaluation

This summer, a team led by Melissa Haeffner, a PhD student from Colorado State University, interviewed rancheros throughout the San Javier region on the effects of drought on migration in the area.  As she finishes her analysis later this year, Melissa plans share her findings with the community.

A summer of valuable research - PhD student collects data on drought and migration, while Living Roots evaluates how to improve its programs.

A summer of valuable research – PhD student collects data on drought and migration, while Living Roots evaluates how to improve its programs.

Martha Drew, Living Roots’ Artisan Program Coordinator, also spent the summer conducting interviews and surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of Living Roots projects in the sierra and has begun to incorporate her home ranches of San Juan Londo into Living Roots activities closer to Loreto.

School Garden Project Update

Living Roots will be continuing our partnership with the La Paz based non-profit, Raiz de Fondo to create a garden in the yard of the secondary school in San Javier.  Students will learn organic planting, seed saving and water conservation techniques.

Thank you for continuing to support and follow Living Roots.  For more information or to make a donation go to: or follow us on Facebook.


About Living Roots (Raices Vivas)

Living Roots' mission is helping endangered cultures adapt and thrive in the modern world.
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